IDAVic Good Lighting Award 2020 – Upfield Bike Path

Earlier in the month we were thrilled that Moreland City Council was awarded the "IDAVic Good Lighting Award" from The International Dark-Sky Association Victoria branch.

The International Dark-Sky Association Victoria accepts nominations for this award for projects with thoughtful consideration for sky glow, light trespass, and glare. In order to win this award, all fittings used must also comply with all relevant Australian Lighting Standards.

Working closely with Nicholas Elliot from Council, and being mindful of luminaire mounting limitations, glare, and spill lighting considerations, we proposed mounting lighting into the existing handrail between the path and the train tracks.
The KLIK Systems LEDPOD fitting provided the perfect option as it was designed to be mounted directly into handrail and other similar structures, using an asymmetrical reflector/lens, it ensures the light is thrown onto the path only, eliminating all glare and spill light.
We look forward to providing our clients with more award-winning lighting solutions in the future. Congratulations to all involved.

For more information on this project, head to the project report on our website –