Altona Pier

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Altona Pier

Altona’s new pier is now open!

A stunning asset for the thriving bayside community on Bunurong Sea Country, the pier was made possible by an $11.9 million investment from the Victorian Government.

The 310-metre-long pier has a modern, y-shaped design and is the perfect place to visit while walking with a morning coffee or to rewind after work and watch the sun set over the towers of the city.

The Klik Systems LEDpod played a crucial role in the revitalization of the project carried out by Electrolight.

The primary objective of this project was to improve the area for families, facilitating easier access to the pier while prioritizing safety for all users.

Lighting was identified as a key aspect of the project, leading to the selection of the  LEDpod to light  the newly constructed boardwalk. Featuring a clever ‘snap-in’ design tailored for handrails of various sizes, the LEDpod directs light downward, ensuring a glare-free illumination. Its precision optics help prevent light pollution, preserving the natural environment, and it offers a range of beam configurations and optics, including symmetrical and asymmetrical distributions. Mounted on a thermally efficient heat sink, the LEDpod effectively dissipates heat, ensuring optimal performance.

The project achieved its goal of enhancing the area’s aesthetics while providing safe illumination for the boardwalk, seamlessly blending with the natural beauty of the foreshore.

Thanks to our project partners for supporting Australian manufacturing on this project, helping showcase the exceptional quality and innovation of Australian lighting manufacturing.

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