Hansen Reserve, Airport West

Sports Lighting

Hansen Reserve, Airport West

In partnership with Webb Australia, Moonee Valley City Council and Legacy Lighting, we delivered a comprehensive lighting solution for Hansen Reserve.

We installed 16 Legacy Gen II 1500w fixtures, equipped with a variety of standard, left, and right glare shields, to mitigate intrusive glare into neighbouring properties and enhance lighting levels for local sporting clubs who use this facility. Our solution now achieves an average of over 130 lux with excellent uniformity and precise spill lighting control.

The Legacy Invictus floodlight boasts a striking, low-profile design and advanced built-in thermal management, ensuring high reliability and low maintenance requirements. These Australian-designed and made fittings come with a standard 10-year warranty, providing much needed peace of mind. With all IES files subjected to NATA testing, we can confidently design and supply sports lighting solutions even in busy residential areas.

Now offering three glare shield options, Invictus fittings can tackle nearly any lighting challenge. This level of control guarantees maximum light on the field while maintaining a sharp cut-off to protect nearby residences and natural surroundings from unwanted spill light.

Thanks to our project partners for supporting Australian manufacturing on this project, helping showcase the exceptional quality and innovation of Australian lighting manufacturing.


Webb Australia, City of Moonee Valley

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Legacy Gen II 1500w with a mixture of standard glare shields, left glare shields and right glare shields, due to the very close proximity to neighbouring houses to eliminate the obtrusive glare.

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