Ben Kavanagh Reserve & Pavilion


Ben Kavanagh Reserve & Pavilion

The Ben Kavanagh Reserve is home to a wide range of local sports groups including the Mordialloc Sporting Club, Mordialloc Super Rules Football Club, Mordialloc Junior Football Club, Mordialloc Football/Netball Club, Mordialloc Cricket Club, Mordialloc Bowls Club, and other community groups.

The Ligman Powermission is a column-mounted streetlight and proved a great choice for the parking lot facilities due to its innovative, high performance, sustainable, flexible, and future proof capabilities. While, a combination of Ligman Legend and Rados were chosen to illuminate the exterior seating areas, various walkways, and pathways as well as benches throughout the parking lot. The robust classic wall recessed pathway and stair luminaires added a simple pleasing aesthetic with sturdy construction, perfect for the retrofit application.


Kingston City Council
Engineer - WSP Consulting Engineers
Architect - Peddle Thorp
Landscape - Michael Smith & Associates

Photography​ & Video

Lighting & Electrical Distributors