Limelite Education Projects


Limelite Education Projects

Limelite have a rich history of supplying quality lighting to schools and universities across Victoria.

Whether it’s a classroom, lecture theatre or hall, Limelite’s wide range of linear fittings ensure they have the answer. The classic Linear 100, just 100mm wide, is the perfect choice to sit stylishly into any ceiling type and doesn’t take away from any ceiling features, and this is highlighted in the photos. Meanwhile the 300mm wide option is great for a more traditional feel.  Limelite’s extra low glare diffuser creates a warm vibrant feel, eliminating glare and promoting perfect learning conditions for the students.

And with Limelite’s unique Lumen Configurator [put link to video in here for previous web site] you can choose your own lumen output, allowing you to create the perfect solution. Exactly the right amount of light, where you need it ensuring the optimum working conditions for the students every time.

Adding to all these exciting features the fact that Limelite is proudly a Victorian manufacturer, you can be assured you are using the best available technology, and are supporting a local Australian business. That’s a win win!