Preston Shire Hall


Preston Shire Hall

Lighting and Electrical Distributors supplied a range of specialist luminaires to Preston Shire Hall, an architectural and historically significant building located in the inner city of Melbourne.

The Shire Hall refurbishment was a full upgrade to improve lighting and acoustics while maintaining a sense of the building’s history. The fit out needed to be flexible and provide for multi-use activities within the space allowing lighting levels to be varied for the different scenes of activities envisaged.

Two direct/indirect continuous LED linear profiles, running the length of the hall are used to highlight the existing ornate ceiling and provide a general ambient light which may be dimmed to any desired lighting level. The up-lighting component provides a subtle wash to the ceiling and highlights the ceiling features. Both of the centre LED profiles incorporate integrated track mounted display LED spotlights to provide highlighting for displays and stage activities. A smaller concealed continuous LED profile provides up-lighting to the wall cornice and curved ceiling. Three LED hexagonal pendant fixtures serve as feature lights for the space and utilise the existing ceiling roses.

Lighting and Electrical Distributors worked closed with Brazel Haley Maggs Architects to provide infinite, variable lighting scenes to cater for all types of activities including auditorium, dance and dinner occasions, display use or theatre use. The result is complete dimming and zone control with excellent colour rendering, … and compliments the interior without dominating the space


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Architect - Brazel Haley Maggs Architects

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