Princess Street, St Albans


Princess Street, St Albans

Lighting & Electrical Distributors were engaged by Lighting Designer Simon Gullifer, who was working in conjunction with the Brimbank City Council Landscape Architecture team to deliver the re-development of Princess Street in St Albans. Council were looking to transform the Street from an uninviting laneway into a vibrant, safe, urban space to be used and enjoyed by the public. The street runs between St Albans Road opposite the train station and the Bowery Theatre.

The Ligman Vancouver 7 multipurpose LED Light Column with symmetrical downward light distribution and three LED projectors on top with different beam angles to highlight various objects fitted the criteria as it provided the theatrical look with customisable decorative slats on all sides of the square column and the projectors to provide spot lighting to highlight the trees and foliage within the urban space.


Brimbank City Council
Lighting Designer - Simon Gullifer

Photography​ & Video

Glenn Hester