project8 Gallery


project8 Gallery

Product: Luxient Track Spot Range.

project8 is a new contemporary art space in Melbourne’s CBD dedicated to promoting speculative poetic and material innovation through exhibitions and related events. The gallery is committed to the promotion and development of discursive exchange, collaboration and partnerships between Australian, Chinese and international artists, researchers and communities actively engaging with contemporary art.

The 2nd level at 417 Collins Street was converted to a brand-new gallery on and required a complete overhaul of the lighting to accommodate a fluid and contemporary art gallery.

The gallery required a flexible, modern and refined lighting system to accommodate the changing exhibitions, which at any time could consists of immersive video installations and a collection of paintings, photographs, scholarly texts, original musical works and related objects.

Lighting & Electrical Distributors were engaged after previously supplying a lighting solution for the client in another gallery in South Yarra to provide a full lighting design and solution.

Designed and made in Australia the Luxient Track Spot Range from Efficient Lighting Systems has been designed to maximise turnaround times and flexibility in all areas of output, dimming, optics and finish and therefore was the perfect option for this project.

The clients opted for a Casambi control system, as well as a mix of the smaller LX66 and the larger LX90 fittings, to accommodate for the varied ceiling heights throughout the space. Depending on those heights, the track system was either surface mounted or suspended.

The Casambi control system enables complete control over every single fitting, so that at the touch of a button from a phone, fittings can be dimmed or switched off completely to enhance the experience for guests of the gallery with the changing works on display. 

This enables the gallery to have complete control over the lighting installation at any time, which was a pivotal condition in the design brief.

The client further enhanced the lighting system by choosing a collection of snoots and honeycomb louvres which will enable even more lighting control for when it’s required.

The famous Australian Made, Australian Grown (AMAG) logo is the true mark of

Efficient Lighting Systems is proud to have the strong backing of the Australian Made

campaign for the Luxient Range of Track Spots.




Lucy Foster