Sunbury West Primary School


Sunbury West Primary School

The VSBA recently committed to upgrading and modernising the Sunbury West Primary School, with works to include the construction of an administration wing, upgrading existing buildings and exterior works.
The SK50 lighting profile from Efficient Lighting Systems plays a central role in various areas of this project. It is prominently featured in spaces such as the professional learning centre, administration offices, and collaborative learning zones.

As per AS/NZS 1680, different illumination levels were required for different areas. With Variable Output Technology available in the SK50, we were able use the same fitting throughout the space, using different outputs where required.

Designed and made in Australia the SK50 is a completely customisable and versatile linear lighting solution, which guarantees comprehensive lighting control and top-tier performance.
Thanks to Thomas Consulting and VTAS Architecture for supporting Australian manufacturing on this project, helping showcase the exceptional quality and innovation of Australian lighting manufacturing.

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