Victoria Park Lake


Victoria Park Lake

Victoria Park Lake in Shepparton is a popular destination known for its natural beauty and recreational activities. The Greater Shepparton City Council recognized the need to enhance pedestrian safety during night-time and early morning hours and identified the need to replace the existing and outdated Metal Halide fittings.

Additionally, the original lighting setup failed to meet the requirements set forth by the current Australian Lighting Standards, offering only limited illumination around each pole.

To address this, they partnered with Simon Gullifer from RHA to develop a comprehensive lighting upgrade plan.

Several factors were considered in the design brief, including energy efficiency, wildlife preservation, compliance with lighting standards and the ability to create a colourful and theatrical atmosphere for events. The LIGMAN Triangle with T2 optics was selected for its precise pathway illumination and minimal light spillage. This lighting solution adhered to responsible colour temperature guidelines to minimize the impact on wildlife.

The Ligman pole was custom fabricated with an integrated Ligman Neon RGB strip, providing a vibrant colour-changing effect controlled by the council through a DMX system. This unique lighting combination enhances the visual appeal and community engagement around the lake, creating a vibrant and memorable environment for residents and visitors.

The success of the project would not have been possible without the contributions of project partners, including Simon Gullifer, Ligman, Efficient Lighting Systems and Byers Electrical. Their expertise and collaboration were crucial in delivering this lighting upgrade to the Shepparton community.

The enhanced lighting system is expected to benefit the community for years to come, enriching their experience in Shepparton.

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